Sicily? Mother of culture and traditions. Among the most representative we can mention:
-The dialects, we find many and full of facets in the neighborhoods of individual cities. Everyone speaks the dialect without shame as it is a language in all respects, with its own history and grammar.
-Sicilian cuisine, handed down from generation to generation since Ancient Greece, nowadays is a reason for tourist attraction.Among the most famous and widespread foods in the world we have the Sicilian cassata (traditional cake made with sweetened ricotta), the Sicilian cannolo (fried dough wafer with a filling based on fried ricotta), granita (iced mixture of water, sugar and fruit), very common in Sicily, as regards salty, is Sicilian street food and stands out thanks to : panelle (chickpea flour fritters), crocchè (fried croquettes of boiled potatoes), sfincione (a kind of double-layer pizza full of onion), sandwich with spleen (spleen and veal lung), stigghiole (lamb intestines roasted) and for the arancini (ball or cone of breaded rice, fried and stuffed with various ingredients).
-The colorful Sicilian cart is certainly the best known and most characteristic object of Sicilian folk art. Born as a means of transporting goods, today they are true works of art. In these joyful “masterpieces” there are the colors of passion, of the Sicilian sun, of oranges and lemons, of the sky and the sea, of the lava that flows from Etna and of the fiery Sicilians, yellow, red and green. Through painting different themes are depicted such as: the legendary, fairy-tale, musical, realistic, historical, biblical and so on theme.
-The “Opera dei Pupi” is a type of puppet theater where the deeds of brave paladins told in literature are represented. Unfortunately nowadays, due to technology and economic problems, many Sicilians have moved away from these performances, but the Opera dei Pupi has survived and still today makes young and old dream.

So I highly recommend it, when this bad period of health emergency and restrictions is going to finish, come, visit and taste!

“Seeing is believing” Enjoy Sicily!

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