Sergio Mattarella: the president of Italians

Sergio Mattarella was born in Palermo in 1941. He graduated in Law in Rome then he taught in Palermo’s University until 1983, when he became a deputy. The motivation that prompted him to become a politician was his desire for justice, because his life was shaken by a tragic event: his brother died killed by “Cosa Nostra” .

He used to speak in congresses of legal studies but he has  always been a politician. In 1999 he was the Ministry of Defense and took Italy among the supporters of European politics of defense and security. On 31st of January 2015 he became the twelfth president of Republic and on the 29th of January 2022 he was re-elected. 

He is a man who believes in values and ideals, he is really thoughtful about his job, he would like to be always a right man. These values are the motivation of his re-election.

He does also a lot of good initiatives, like: charity for poors and especially defense of the environment, because in Italy there is a lot of pollution, so he fights a lot for this; for these reasons he is a president very appreciated by the Italians.

In fact the Italians and also the Parliament have trusted him two times for the government of the country. 

His first public commitments after his re-election have been in the social field; in particular, he does actions to fight inequalities; in fact in his last speech at the end of the year he said that due the pandemic there are new inequalities that have brought injustices and imbalances and that he himself will try to remove them with a lot of commitment, in the hope for a better future.

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