Sergio Mattarella: the defender of the general interest of Italy

On 29 January 2022 Sergio Mattarella was re-elected president of the republic after facing his first term. He has the distinction of being the first Sicilian to hold this institutional position. He was born on 23 July 1941 in Palermo and became one of the protagonists of the last 40 years of the country’s history with extraordinary experience in  various institutional positions. He graduated in Law already in 1964 at the “La Sapienza” University of Rome with full marks and taught parliamentary law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Palermo until 1983. He is the brother of Piersanti Mattarella, president of the Sicilian regional council who in 1980 was killed in a mafia ambush with six gunshots, an event that has profoundly marked Mattarella’s life and his political conscience. His political career officially began in 1983 when he was elected deputy for the first time with the Christian Democrats, then for the Popular Party, for the Margherita and for the Olive tree, maintaining his post in Parliament for 7 legislatures, until 2008.

In May 2009 he was elected by Parliament as a member of the Presidency Council of Administrative Justice, of which he was Vice President. In October 2011 he was elected judge of the Constitutional Court, then in 2015 the election to the Quirinale as the twelfth president of the republic took place. Among the first acts of his presidency is his retirement as a university professor. He has faced many moments of crisis with the different Prime ministers over the years.

He has proved to be a strong point of reference for the general interest of the country, even abroad, and a defender of the Italian constitution and culture that he has carried forward with a sincere personality; he has  always been  close to all Italian citizens through his words and gestures,  not very striking but true, despite his personality being shy and unwilling to watch cameras.

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Elisa Pio Molino


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