Sergio Mattarella: a big greeting at the 12th -and now 13th – president of the Italian Republic

In the past days, Italy has gone through a crucial moment, which takes place every 7 years: the election of the new
Italian Republic’s president.
In these years, the president who accompanies us in those difficult periods of pandemics has been Sergio Mattarella,
a man who has always related to politics. He has passed very difficult moments, which however has
strengthened him and has turned him into a perfect head of State, ready to make decisions sometimes also
not easy.

The beginnings (2015)
Rewind the thread, and let’s start with Sergio Mattarella’s mandate, on 3 rd February 2015.
In January of 2015, the then president of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano decommissioned: there was a need to
elect a new president.
On 29 th January the assembly of electors voted him in the fourth ballot, and on 31 st of the current month
Mattarella became the 12th president of the Italian Republic, the first Sicilian to hold this office.

The lockdown “days” (2020)
Unluckily the lockdown that closed us at home didn’t last some days, but for about two months!
Sergio Mattarella in those years was very busy: Italia was hurt by a political crisis and the then Prime Minister
Giuseppe Conte decommissioned on 20th August 2020.

How to elect a president
The election of the president belongs to the Italian Parliament and they last about ten days.
The parliamentarians elect the person who for them are suitable for this great work because being the president
is very, very difficult, it requires lots of responsibilities.

Among the senators, there is Liliana Segre, a survivor of the Shoah, and I quote her because on the 27 th
January we celebrated the Remembrance Day.

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