Sergio Mattarella “President of Italy for the second time!”

Sergio Mattarella is the 12th President of Italian Republic. He is president for the second time. He is very important for our Republic because he is very estimated and loved by Italian people. He was born in our land Sicily ,exactly in Palermo in 1941. He is 80 years old ,he has got three children, Laura, Bernardo and Francesco. His wife dead in 2012 and she left a big empty in his life because he loved his wife a lot. Before being a President he was a politician, a jurist ,an academic man and an important lawyer. During his life he had a lot of important political tasks ; he was a deputy of a political party called Democrazia Cristiana, the Popular party, the Margherita and the Democratic party . He was also Minister of the Parliament  many times and had different roles as Minister  in his long-life career. As President he had different  honorary titles like Order of Merit of the Italian Republic, of Italian  Military Order, Order of Italian Star and Order of Vittorio Veneto.

He has been President since 3rd February 2015. He is a big support for Italian people because he always says good words in this difficult moment of history . He said these hard and confortable  words:”Europe risks to fall in a spiral of war in a vortex of conflicts where there is impossible to see any form of development, of involvement and extension. Noone could be sure to stay free from the war but Italian people must stay together, we cannot accept the madness of war will destroy all that people built in seven decades of collaboration and common goals ”. Facebook and twitter are instruments to share his thoughts. This is our President a strong Sicilian and we are proud of him.

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