Do you know what this strange word means? It is the faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident and then the the feeling you get when you discover something you’re not looking for while you’re looking for another.

It was a Friday in July when the courier delivered a package to my house. At night I always woke up because of some nightmares, even if I don’t remember exactly what they contained. In that package I found a strange item that my mother had gotten for me from the internet. It was a big bright pink circle, with colored threads intertwined threads in its center and feathers hanging in the same color as the circle. I was enchanted, with the strange object in my hand staring at it. My mother came up behind me, smiling. It was a dream catcher! She told me that there was a legend behind this object that told of a Spider Woman, called Asibikaashi, who took care of children and her tribe. But when the Ojibwa people, to whom she belonged, began to migrate all over North America, it was very difficult for her to reach all the children and that was why she taught the women of the tribe to build dreamcatchers, which placed on the cradles of their children, would protect them during their sleep. The circle of the dreamcatcher represented the sun. The concentric net represented Spider-Woman and the feathers represented spirit and life. Dreamcatchers filtered dreams, allowing only good ones to visit the children. Once the sun rose, the bad dreams trapped in the web would disappear.
That’s when my mother and I went to hang my dream catcher in my bedroom, in front of my bed.

It was windy that night, I still remember it. The heat forced us to sleep with the windows open. My parents gave me a kiss and went to their room. I stayed with my nose up looking at the starry ceiling hugging my little turtle, every now and then I lowered my head to look at that curious object in front of me. A stronger gust of wind slammed the door. The dream catcher lit up in the roar. I couldn’t help but smile, it seemed like magic. We hadn’t noticed that behind the dream catcher there was a small battery that made it light up by pressing a black button on its case.
Since that day, I don’t know if it was a coincidence, but my dreams are really more peaceful, I even dream in color!!!, and I still keep it hanging in my room. The ability to make lucky discoveries by chance.

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Arianna Vanadia Bartolo


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