The separate waste collection began in Italy many years ago but it has been taken seriously only recently. It’s begun when the world understood our impact on the environment: mountains of waste of all kinds mixed together, plastic island in the seas…

So they decided to do something to prevent global collapse, in fact many nations are working hard not to pollute. And we also, with the separate waste collection, do our part. We think the separate waste collection is the first step for saving our world and many, including kids like us, are mobilizing for this ideal.

Before that every person threw his rubbish in specific bins on the road, two or three years ago some companies for recycling distributed recycling bins to every household in almost all Italy.

Every day the bins get emptied according to different types of waste: plastic, paper, glass etc.

In the case of bulky waste (for example metal or old furniture), we have to call a specific phone number. In this case a special company arrives and collects this type of rubbish.

The thing to point out is that helping to make the world a better place means just a little effort like separating waste; in fact it isn’t useless but it is really important for our world and it doesn’t take a big effort to do it . Separating the rubbish is important and easier to remove the waste. It would take years to decompose in nature, and in this way we make the earth a cleaner and less polluted place. For example a plastic bottle takes 400 years to degrade.

So, according to you, the people who think those who make the separate waste collection do something useless, boring and tiring, are normal? For us no, we don’t think so.

After all is it a big effort to put in the waste in different bins depending on the type? So much waste you have to throw away anyway, the only thing we ask is to be more responsible for you and the world!!

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