Sense of belonging and solidarity

Belonging is a feeling, a sense of inclusion, and the perception of our value in a given context.

It is often perceived as a duty towards the country in which we live, towards the citizens, and towards the community with which we share every day of our lives.

However, people and individuals have always had the tragic experience of abandoning their communities because of greater and more overbearing evils that strike deep and tear at their sense of belonging, thus making them belong only to themselves.

When, if not in this last period, when we hear the news about what is happening near us, which was unthinkable until recently, we can better observe this sense of belonging, of a community attacked and left to itself.

The war between Russia and Ukraine, as we imagined, is bringing destruction and death, while the people are trying to fight to keep their community intact and safe.

At this point, we have the opportunity to see the worst, but also the best of man.

People who suffer become incredibly dependent on the help of others, and this is where ‘solidarity’ comes in, one of the first reactions after something so terrible happens.

Solidarity means being altruistic, and willing to help others in times of difficulty, without asking for anything in return. Solidarity is the relationship of brotherhood and mutual support that connects people, aware of having common interests, such as denying war and wickedness that limit the lives of men, women, children, animals, and that destroys all that is beautiful in a place.

Placing oneself at the service of others does not necessarily imply economic aid. Thousands of citizens in every Italian city are in fact donating food, medicine, blankets, and clothes to more or less improvised collection points from which, with the help of Caritas, voluntary associations, and some Ukrainian organisations present in Italy, containers are being sent to the first refugee camps. It is clear that little is needed to get involved and demonstrate that sense of community that unites all citizens, however different they may be, throughout the world.

But this is not the first, and unfortunately the last if this continues, critical situation in which it becomes necessary to welcome and help people fleeing and in difficulty. Every day we hear of injustices and atrocities. The question then arises as to what the solution to all this is.

I believe that in addition to showing solidarity, if we really want to be solidarity, perhaps we should think about rebuilding a more collective, more just world, in which the human being will have more importance than economics and power.

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Simona Recupero


4°B2 Liceo Linguistico Enrico Medi Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto


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