The sense of belonging is the feeling of identification of a person with a particular group or place, it is the sense of inclusion and the perception of our value in a certain context that can be that of community or nation. In this regard, we can also introduce the concept of nationalism, that is, an ideology that exalts and defends another concept, that of the homeland. A very topical example could be associated with Ukraine, still at war with Vladimir Putin’s regime. It’s been about 3 weeks since the latter launched his violence with the invasion of Ukraine simply because his worldview is based on an extreme vision of Russian nationalism, which claims that Russians and Ukrainians are “a people” and that Ukraine is just an extension of Russia. At the heart of this idea of nationalism, therefore, is Putin’s belief that it is an invention that seeks to weaken Russia. Ukrainian nationalism is, therefore, a threat to the Russian state.

Despite all this unpleasant situation, the Ukrainian citizens have demonstrated and continue to demonstrate day after day a patriotism that is not pride and search for the power of their nation but first of all love for their country, its history, and its customs, and at the same time the desire to live there free, free to decide its fate. It is from patriotism, from this feeling of living and civil virtues, from this bond that holds human societies together, that the courage of Ukrainians today is born; The courage of those who without ever holding a rifle goes to enlist while knowing to take a perhaps decisive step towards death.

And in fact, behind the example of courage that Ukraine and its people are giving today it is easy to guess a very strong sense of personal dignity and collective belonging, It is clear that there are causes for which life can be sacrificed and the conviction that the arrogance of those who want to impose their will on us must not be tolerated.

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Martina Biondo


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