How many times have you seen a person extremely intelligent who is alone? How many times have you heard people talking about something but saying nothing? Around us, the world screams words that will be forgotten shortly. It’s not a prejudice nor a cliché. No one is to blame. We fall in love with a message or with a post on Instagram.

Girls’ standards are bad guys: if you’re bad at school or you drink and smoke, then more than  50% of girls are going to be swept off your feet. Boys’ standards aren’t any better. They “just need a warm body”. We’re not talking about objectification of women because that’s a problem of both genders. Obviously, everybody doesn’t think the same but how many times are a pair of big titties or abdominals  considered sexier than someone who reads a book? Almost always. If you’re stupid but petty faced it’s okay, but not  the other way around.

We’re not talking about relationships or friendship, exaltation of ignorance is a real problem in our lives under all circumstances. There are tests about humor, grammar or logic in witch 25% of people scored the worst results. They obtained a score of 12  on average scale from 1 to 100. It’s amazing when they evaluated themselves the score was 62. It all means that “Who’s ignorant will never know that. Their own incompetence prevent them for realizing it” as the paradox says. Those, who notice it, will feel themselves always uncomfortable with the society, out of place. It makes us laugh more when someone does stupid things as to a person who does “real humour or irony”.  It is because not everyone understands it. Realizing how much nonsense things overbear is the weapon against regression.

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Sofia Ferrigno


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My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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