Scouting: what is it?

Scouting is a national, international, and universal movement whose ultimate goal is the physical, moral, and spiritual formation of world youth (as declared in 1924 by the International Conference of Scouting in Copenhagen).

There are over 40 million scouts among children, boys, adults, men, and women in 216 countries and territories of the world.

Scouting and Guiding are a world youth movement, for young people, educational, which expresses an ideal of life.

Devised by Sir Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell (known as BP) in the early 1900s, the Scout method is nothing more than a “training” for community life, outdoors, sharing games and adventures in groups with other boys and girls on the basis of shared universal values, which allows you to develop skills necessary for everyday life.

The aim of the scouts is to build a better world thanks to the Scout values and through the education of those who will one day inhabit it: the young. Scout associations want to teach everyone how to be a good citizen able to make autonomous and responsible choices, committed in the first person to promote solidarity, universal rights, peace, and environmental protection; but also a person who follows his own spiritual path oriented to give meaning to his life, with the taste of seeking, never to take anything for granted and to reflect continuously on the themes of life. Everyone carries out a service, stimulated by the joy of being able to offer something of himself to others, and this also offers joy to those who receive it.

Would you like to spend your time in nature and learn how to be a good citizen?

If your answer is yes you must become a scout!

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