The progress of science and technology has been remarkable and today they have surely created methods and instruments practically perfect for people. Almost without consciousness, they have created a society which is surely projected to the future, but which will have its problems. Our doctors have surely defeated  diseases which seem incurable a few years ago ; our life is now longer than in the past, because incurable diseases do not exist any more; computers and electronics are even more advanced than the past. But a question is inevitabile, because there is a serious problem of morality: could all men find benefit from them? I don’t think so. There are still people who die of hunger or even live in the most complete poverty. However, at least it would be more acceptable and useful if science and new tecnologies could be used for improving social life of people and assure better conditions of life to all men and women on Earth. Unfortunately, there are people who still  have no bread to eat and they are lack of first necessities of life. We live in a society were money, power and politics are the new “necessities”.

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Giulia Virgillito