School is ending

The last few days  of school are always the ones you feel most tired. The beginning of each school year seems a long journey, almost interminable, day after day you live according to a precise rhythm, immutable, school, lessons, questions, explanations, home, homework, study, brief moments of distraction, on Saturday evening, Sunday, a party, a walk.

We are used slowly, or perhaps we resigned to the slow passage of time.

During the long winter months I sighed, more often, pending the arrival of May, pending the end of the class.

Then suddenly you realize that June is near, so another school year draws to a close. We guys are pretty routine: even if we were not really good in one place, we come to hear us.

For a year we lived together, we joked, laughed, cried too. sometimes, but always together as a family.

On a screen pass in my mind memories of a year one after another: the happy first day of school, and then immediately homework questions. How hard was, I remember, get back to study after the summer. The study weighed. How many hours spent in my room, dreaming, sometimes, spring, and these days the end of school year. I remember everything. Small and big disappointments, moments of happiness or anxiety, waiting, misunderstandings, discussions at home and at school, the everyday life.

And it’s nice to talk of a hazard when it is already far away remember the day after to hear lectures and homework, the cunning and successful ones, the most frequent failures, the atmosphere of friendship that you have created.

This confirms the belief that a year has not gone in vain, that we used well, learning new things.

Certainly no tears will pour on the closure of the school waiting for me the sun, freedom, serenity, and many other small but great things. Then the school is not over, unfortunately, two or three months and then start over with the last year, with maturity.

So let’s spend another few good these days, studying, and later on, finally away from homework, tuition, books, notebooks .. and teachers! 

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Arianna Vanadia Bartolo


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