SCHOOL AND PANDEMIC: what about distance education?

Distance learning is a teaching method that has been introduced in the last two years.

 Unfortunately, we have been in a state of emergency for two years because of the Covid-19 virus and clearly, it has changed our lives in many areas such as work, interactions with people, but especially school.

First of all, distance learning cannot replace an educational relationship in the classroom, in which students and teachers communicate not only with words, with books, with videos, with technological tools, but above all with looks, with the encounter (and sometimes the clash …) physical and with all the elements of proxemics.  In school buildings then there are other operators, the beloved “janitors”  who, especially in primary school, often represent a source of comfort and psychological support for many of our students.  Finally, let’s not forget the parents: even if they are not at school every day, their constant presence in the class councils, in the reception of relatives, or only in the accompaniment of their children, constitutes the further element of “being school” and “being At school”.

On the one hand, the DAD allows students but also teachers to stay at home and therefore we do not have to wake up early or get dressed, we can use better and therefore master the computer well because the lessons are done on online platforms and then we can record the lesson to put it in the virtual classroom and also technologies or rather, learning technologies, first of all, offer us the opportunity not to sever the didactic relationship with our students and to “stay in touch” with them, even if at distance.

 In revenge, we can say that the DAD is not like teaching in presence because we do not have direct contact with the teachers and we cannot socialize with the comrades.  Afterward, staying all day in front of the computer causes headaches and eye pain and also studies have shown that students with dads have worse academic levels.

To conclude, DAD is a shame for the students and the best learning is the one in presence, especially for children and also guys because they need to stay in contact with their classmates and also the teachers.

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Alessia Stella Lo Presti


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