Sanremo: from the first to the last edition

In the first edition of Sanremo the spectators sat around the tables of on old café-chantant and during the singers’ performances they dined, among the comings and goings of the waiters.

Then in 1953, two years after its debut, something changed: the tables in the room disappeared and it was decided to let guests in only if they had an invitation.

Two years later there was the first live television, even though the whole programme was not broadcast, and the RAI got connected with the festival late in the evening.

After years and years of television editions, here is the 72nd Festival of Sanremo, which took place at the Ariston Theatre from 1st to 5th February 2022. For the third consecutive year, it was hosted by Amadeus, who was also the artistic director. During the 5 evenings he was supported by five co-hosts, and exactly by Ornella Muti in the first evening, Lorena Cesarini in the second, Drusilla Foer in the third, Maria Chiara Giannetta in the fourth and Sabrina Ferilli in the final evening.

The direction and photography were entrusted to Stefano Vicario and Mario Catapano respectively, while the scenography was handled by Gaetano and Mariachiara Castelli, as it had happened in the previous edition of the festival.

Moreover, the last edition had a great success even on digital and social networks, with about 2 million and half of interactions on Facebook and Instagram every evening!

The 2022 edition was won by Mahmood and Blanco with their song “Brividi”. They also won  the right to represent Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, which will take place in Turin.

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