Sanremo Festival

Sanremo festival is an important event in Italy. Seventy-two years ago there was the first Sanremo Song Festival. This year the Sanremo Festival has been the most followed because it is considered an attractive enjoying social event. Today the Italian Song Fest has played in a famous theatre called “Ariston Theatre” in Sanremo, a small town in the region of Liguria. The Sanremo Song Festival is held every February and is attended by a small group of  Italian singers. This year the show has been presented by a famous and nice presenter called Amadeus, he is also the artistic director. As the show is very long he had five co-presenters: Ornella Muti, Lorena Cesarini, Drusilla Foer, Maria Chiara Giannetta and the actress Sabrina Ferilli.

The participants artists were 25 in total, 22 were famous artists and the others came from the first three classified in the edition of Young Sanremo 2021.  The singers were selected by the artistic director and they are divided in two teams : the old famous singers and the new young singers. This event usually lasts about a week, all Italian audience is involved in listening and voting the singers. All Italian people follow the programme  and like listening not only to their songs but also like watching their aspects, makeup, hair and dressess. The edition of this year was won by two young singers : Mahmood and Blanco with their song “Brividi”. Their winning gave them the possibility to represent Italy in the Eurovision Song Context 2022 which will take place in Turin. We wish them to win again this like last year with the rock band of “The Maneskin”.

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Scalia Giorgia and Huluba Loredana


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