Music has always been an integral part of Italian cultural customs. A representation of this form of art is held every year in the famous Sanremo Festival. How has the Ligurian event adapted to the times of health emergency due to the global pandemic?

Until last year, when everything was normal, the Sanremo Festival took place during the first weeks of February, in a theater that welcomed an audience of about 2000 people who were a fundamental presence for the duration of this event. No less important was the amount of tourists who arrived in the town of Sanremo along with greater revenues for the municipality and a large increase in commercial businesses. Furthermore, Sanremo has always been a place of union, sociability and culture in which topics of public debate such as the importance of the female role in society  find space. We can generally say that cheerfulness, adrenaline and lightheartedness were the setting for the festival.

Unfortunately this year things will be different. First, the fundamental component, the audience, will be missing. Initially, there were some attempts to find a solution to that by providing some ships for quarantine; but these ideas were difficult to put into practice. As for the guests, this year there will be personalities, even foreign, with an Italian residence. Furthermore, in the city of Sanremo, as well as in every other part of Italy and the world, there is a significant decrease in tourism as the various institutions are forbidding gatherings in order to guarantee social distance. If in other years importance was given to the presence of popular beautiful women as presenters, in this period of emergency attention is focused on those who have experienced the pandemic on the front line, in particular doctors and nurses. The period of the Ligurian kermesse will be different from that of the previous years. In fact, this year it will take place from 2 to 6 March. In addition, changes have been made in the organization of the places, as the hair and make-up stations will find space in what has always been the press room. Finally, unlike in the past editions, artists seem to have a mood based on sadness and fear. In conclusion, we are wondering if music will be affected by this too, but we will see it soon and we hope that starting from next year this event can be held in the traditional way.

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Alessio Barreca, Matteo Di Gangi, Andrea Guarino, Stefano La Fauci.



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