Sanremo 2022 celebrated Raffaella

On July 5, 2021, Raffaella Carrà, the Italian singer, actress and presenter died at the age of 78. She was known worldwide and her death left a deep mark on our country, in Spain and in Latin America.

Raffaella was born in Bologna in 1943 and her real surname was Pellone but she chose Carrà in honor of the Italian futurist painter Carlo Carrà. Her professional career began early: she was just eight years old when she acted the role of Graziella in Mario Bonnard’s film “Tormento del Passato”. Between 1969 and 1970 the success on television arrived above all with the TV program “Carràmba! Che sorpresa”. She was the presenter on 25 TV programs and six of these were on Spanish Television.

She was the first to go on TV with her uncovered belly. “Ballo Ballo” and “Tuca Tuca” are some of her most famous songs. She was an icon, a myth, an inspiration for many people in the world. She had class and harmony and she embodied the spirit of a free and determined woman who pursues her dreams.

In 2001 Raffaella presented the Sanremo Music Festival, assisted by Megan Gale, Massimo Ceccherini and Enrico Papi and on the last day of the Sanremo Festival 2022 a homage was payed to her: an authentic myth of TV and music, “Simply the greatest of all,” said Amadeus. “She had a crazy personality, a great intelligence, she knew how to reach people’s hearts”. And she was an extraordinary singer – he remembered – with 60 million records sold all over the world, with songs that continue to be heard and danced. The tribute to Carrà was linked to the world premiere of the musical ‘Ballo Ballo’, based on the film ‘Explota Explota’, produced by Tornasol, Indigo and Rai Cinema. Dancers performed on the notes of the songs that brought the artist to success, with the artistic coordination of Sergio Japino and they closed their performance with a Raffaella Carrà who was climbing the stairs to leave, only a suitcase in her hand.

A tribute to Raffaella Carrà during the 72nd Sanremo Music Festival 2022 at Teatro Ariston on February 05, 2022 in Sanremo

Raffaella Carrà was an artist who was able to transmit joy to the public and even if we belong to a different generation we enjoy listening to and sing all her songs at the top of our lungs.

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