Sampieri,  a seaside hamlet in the municipality of Scicli, in the province of Ragusa, is an ancient fishing village, located along a spur of limestone and between two beautiful beaches, to the east “Punta Pisciotto” and west “Punta Corvo”.

 Called “Ampolline” by the name of the temple of Apollo which was to rise at “Pozzo ra zia Vanna”, then was named  “Marsa Sikla” , meaning “harbour of Scicli”, by the Arab geographers.

A historical place to visit in Sampieri is the famous “Fornace Penna”,   built between 1909 and 1912 on the design of the engineer Ignazio Emmolo and thanks to Baron Guglielmo Penna. The plant was located in a strategic place because of  the near railway and  the clay quarry from which they could have the raw materials,  used to make terracotta bricks useful for building houses.

Many young people worked there but, on January 26th 1924, it was destroyed by a  fire ,probably, set by some socialists.

After that many people proposed to transfrom the furnace into a hotel or a place of culture, others instead wanted to carry out a maintenance restoration. Unfortunately nothing  had been done. On the other hand it had become famous as a film set in some episodes of the fiction “Il commissario Montalbano”.

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2 A Liceo Classico ” Q. Cataudella” Scicli (RG)
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