Mili is a neighborhood of Messina. In it there is a church dedicated to Saint Mark the Evangelist. According to a written document, it was built in 1859 by Giuseppe Mallandrino who wanted to reproduce the Pantheon in Rome.

The church is located in the square in the center of the village.

The outside is not painted; at the entrance there are four columns with an iron gate. On the right there is a clock and on the left there is a belfry.

Inside the church, there is an altar, called the High Altar. It is made of marble and it was built by Placido Trombetta in 1861. On it there is Saint Mark’s statue, that is made of marble, too. He is the Patron Saint of Mili.

In the belfry, there are two bells that were placed here at the beginning of the twentieth century. The largest bell dates back to 1712 and it is dedicated to Saint Mark.

This church is part of a priceless heritage and it deserves to be visited.

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