Rules to respect in a park

Natural parks are protected areas, declared as such by national governments, which are preserved and protected for the purpose of preserving and maintaining the biodiversity present, the characteristics of the landscape and cultural resources.

Walking in the natural parks is a unique and wonderful experience, not only physical but also mental because it provides a charge of energy necessary to face the complexity of life.

When we walk in parks, each of us must behave responsibly.

In fact, just follow a few simple rules:

1. Choose the itinerary according to your physical and technical abilities

2. Observe the weather forecast carefully and leave only if conditions are favorable

3. Wear appropriate clothing and comfortable shoes

4. Bring a backpack with water and necessary equipment for emergency situations

5. Never abandon the marked path

6. Be responsible by avoiding throwing stones, disturbing animals and other hikers, lighting fires, throwing rubbish on the ground, picking flowers

7. It is forbidden to damage or soil games, furnishings and signs

8. It is forbidden to bring dogs without a leash

9. It is forbidden to play with the ball, organize barbecues, travel with motor vehicles

They are simple rules that allow us to walk safely and enjoy the landscape while respecting the nature that surrounds us and which is our home.

In the following video my class talks about some of the rules people have to respect in these wonderful places and about the most famous parks in London.

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