The legend says that the sport Rugby was born in England in 1823 when the student William Webb Ellis, during a football match, took the ball with his hands and ran to the other side of the field. This gesture was considered curious and liked to all spectators. A new sport was born: Rugby. From that day on many people began practising it. The name was taken from the town of Rugby where the legend began. Rugby town was in the county of Warwickshire, in the western  Midland, on the river Avon.

Rugby appeared for the first time at the Olympics in Paris and is currently played in 80 countries around the world. The fundamentals of rugby are: advance, support, press and continue.There are two different types of rugby: rugby union (two teams with 15 players each) and rugby league ( with13 player each team).  Roles in rugby are: left prop, right prop, hooker, second line, third wing line (left and right flanker), center third line, scrum half, opening half, three-quarter left closed wing, three-quarter open wing  right, three quarters center (internal and external) and extreme.

 Nowadays 15-a-side rugby is practiced internationally in many countries of the world: in the United Kingdom, in the countries of the former British Empire, in France, in Italy (which has its own national championship since 1929), Argentina, Romania and the former Soviet Union; it also has a following in Japan, Morocco, Kenya, Namibia and in various other nations of Oceania and Asia;  13-a-side rugby has the largest following in England, France, Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, the latter country in which it is the national sport.

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