New technologies are increasingly affecting our daily lives: at school, at work, in moments of relaxation, etc. By now, in a way, we depend almost exclusively on it and if for a short week we were left without it we would find ourselves in terrible chaos in every area, from the health to the economy… Science has made great strides and there are also robots that replace human actions.

Robots are created by humans and they’re very smart, they talk, they explore space, and they can also do many actions that we do daily, in fact, there are also robots that make the bed, clean, and even cook. Every day many of us use robots, there are those who wash the floors, and there is Alexa who is a small robot to whom we can ask questions and it will always give an answer, it can be programmed to turn on or off the lights and much more, even thing can do Siri, another robot that is in our phones as an app. However, there are also robots that are replacing human labor in factories and industries because they can be programmed to work at precise times or continuously, and that means that many people have found themselves out of work.

There are also robot dogs to make the company to people and the positive aspect is that one should not spend money to buy food and everything necessary, in general one can say that a robot dog does not need much attention as a real dog.

We can define robots as a real technological revolution,however, we must be careful because robots are becoming autonomous and we think they could rebel against their inventors

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Laura Siracusa


4°B Liceo Linguistico Enrico Medi Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto

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