Robots and humans

Nowadays robots are used in many fields and they are becoming more and more independent, in fact, man fears their autonomy.

I am sure that robots can be very useful in some fields but in other cases, I think that man cannot be replaced, that is to say, there are tasks where the help of robots can cause serious problems, so in general, you have to be very careful with these new machines because they could be dangerous.

Robots (which are simply machines created by man to try to look like him) play a very important role in our daily lives.

Every day we use more or less complex robots.

Every day we use more or less complex robots to do many things, from the simplest such as cooking, vacuuming, or even calling someone using smartphones, which are robots in their own right; there are also robots that have been created to carry out much more important and delicate tasks such as in the field of medicine, in particular, there are robots that replace nurses or surgeons.

Of course, as in all things, there are positive and negative aspects to this innovation as well, Robots are tireless, they are more precise in their work, and most of the time they are also quicker to achieve the objective for which they are programmed, so you could say that they are more convenient to use.

On the other hand, the negative aspects are mainly related to the fear of making mistakes in programming them, because if errors should occur in their operation, robots cannot be

stopped because, unlike humans, they are not characterized by reason, and therefore, in my opinion, they should be considered useful but at the same time dangerous.

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Sofia Bagnato


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