RKOMI, for his family just Mirko

RKOMI is a rap singer, one of the most loved of his generation. He was born on April 19th in 1994 in Milan.

many times he has stated that he was encouraged to sing and produce songs by his childhood friend Tedua, another rap singer who has depopulated.

Rkomi’s real name is Mirko Manuele Martorana, he attended up to the third year of hospitality until at the age of 17 he decided to leave his studies working up to 21 years as a bartender, bricklayer and dishwasher. his first song was  keep calm mixtape and then continue with what you don’t do, until you get to his last song which is unbeatable (song that led to Sanremo).

One of my favorite songs is NUOVO RANGE: a cheering song that was done together with Sfera e Basta.

Rkomi is a golden singer who always amazes me with his songs that despite his “young age” always manages to understand the generation. I hope that as soon as possible he will be able to do some tours or concerts throughout Italy to make his talent feel even to people who do not know him, I also hope that he will make other songs collaborating with other rap singers.

On December 4th it was announced on the news that Rkomi would have participated in Sanremo, I was delighted with what I had just hear.Although he didn’t win in Sanremo, he was great in his performance.

Good luck for your carreer my dear Rkomi! Your fans adore you and cheer for you at any time because as the title of your song says you are unsurpassed.

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