Report cards in school: a controversial matter

When you are close to the end of a school year, you are anxious about the report cards that are displayed on the scoreboards in schools.

According to the head teacher of a large city in Lombardy, it is wrong to make one’s results public for everyone; for him the best solution would be to call pupil by pupil on the sidelines and show them in private because with the competitiveness that we have today in Italy the rejection of a pupil is considered a failure.

It must also be said that in Italy there is a law on the privacy of private information, but then why is the privacy of school performance not respected?

But if these are the arguments in favour, now it’s up to the arguments against. Many principals and teachers are in favour of scoreboards, so the display of report cards cannot be abolished by a single institution.

Secondly, it cannot be abolished because for institutions that have more than a thousand pupils that is not feasible – how would they manage pupil-by-pupil meetings?

They say that the school is too protective of students, and even abolishing the boards would mean not exposing the pupils to their responsibilities: keeping the children safe from everything would mean not growing up.

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Alberto Alessandro Buscema