January 27th is an important date for all of us, we celebrate it every year to remember the victims of the Shoah and concentration camps during the Second World War. From 1939 to 1945 there was the Second World War which we remember today almost with contempt and sadness. But why were these concentration camps, a completely inhuman act, which caused the death of millions of people, created?

Half a century ago, Hitler took command of Germany and became a dictator. He created hundreds of labor camps where men, women and children were locked up. In particular, there were many Jews present, who were tortured night and day like all. As soon as they arrived in the fields, there was immediately a selection. Someone was sent to work, all the others were executed in the gas chambers. But Hitler’s purpose was only one: to exterminate all Jews and the lower races. Fatigue, cold, disease, non-existent hygiene, led almost a year to death. Hitler’s madness led to the death of almost 15 million people. Innocent people, whose only fault was to be considered “racially inferior”.

Actually, the first concentration camp was created in 1933 in Dachau, a city in Germany. The purpose of this camp was to eliminate all “enemies of the state”. After the union of Austria with Germany in 1938, many other camps were created, in which Jews and Austrians were now imprisoned. But almost all of the camps were created after 1939, which marked the invasion of Poland, when the Nazis created these prisons where either you worked in absurd conditions or you were killed.

But why is 27th January so important? This day is important to bring respect to millions of people who had been unjustly executed. This day is important not to forget but to remember the courage of millions of people and the madness of a man who didn’t know how to face a crisis and then created the “final solution” that was supposed to solve all the problems, but that created only several others. It is important every year to celebrate this day in order to remember all the mistakes made and not to make them again, to avoid that there will be a tragedy of this size in the future. We have to talk about it everywhere, in schools, we have to read books that tell of these events, to watch the interviews and the testimonies of people who survived the holocaust, because as time goes by this day is increasingly forgotten, and we can’t forget. It is a duty that all citizens must have and that we must pass on to subsequent generations, or our children or grandchildren can live again the tortures of half a century ago.

As Primo Levi says, “Why can’t the memory of evil change humanity? What is the use of memory?”, so we remember.



Clara Scoglio


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