Reflection on the uncertain future

Do you think about the future or do you concentrate more on the present and on what surrounds you?

Many times we do not notice how time passes quickly and silently. I often stop and think about it, and I realize that I don’t give so much importance to the present. I think a lot about the future, often about past events but never about what surrounds me now. Because of the covid, none of us can enjoy the present, but this helps us to benefit and think more about the small gestures, the simpler things that are often the ones that make us the happiest: a hug, a greeting, a day spent together. Gestures that I used to consider insignificant, of little consequence. Thinking about the future comes to me involuntary because I think about my life and what will happen next. I believe in the so-called “carpe diem” but often I can’t grasp the moment properly, because my mind takes me back either to past events or to thinking about what will happen if I do that particular thing.

Reading “The Triumph of Bacchus and Ariadne” I was immediately struck by the first lines:

“How beautiful youth,

who flees though!

Who wants to be happy, either:

of tomorrow there is no certainty”

It makes me understand that it is important to enjoy the moments, especially if you are in your youth.

It is a free and carefree period of life, which most likely will never return because the adult world is full of responsibilities, from which there is no escape. About tomorrow there is no certainty …unfortunately it’s true because the future is pure uncertainty, if we think about it we only make assumptions because we do not know our destiny … but we can create it, our choices of the present influence our own future.

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Salvina Mallemaci


4°B2 Liceo Linguistico Enrico Medi Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto


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