Reality shows are now more and more popular and have become very widespread among Italians and foreigners. It’s a category of television programmes that deals with studying human behaviors, reactions and feelings. We have anyl kinds of them: talents, dating or family realities, game shows. They work like this: some people, often vips, selected and paid for this, has to be constantly exposed to the cameras, in order to allow the public to watch them. Many people criticize reality shows, but most of the them, maybe driven by curiosity or desire to have fun, seem to appreciate and even get passionate on them. However, the question is: why do people call them “junk programs” but still go on watching them? In fact, the positive aspects are only for those who realize reality shows, who earn a lot money because of the audience, and for those who participate in them, who get fame and success without doing anything difficult. So, what’s the point in seeing people arguing and screaming to each other?  Even if I must admit that I often watch them, I still consider them meaningless: essentially what that young people define as “trash”. I’m convinced  that most of what we see is false: everything is acted and exaggerated so they can create gossip and increase the popularity of the show.The explanation is simple: it’s impossible that a person, even the most honest, isn’t influenced by a large number of cameras recording him/her, and that his/her behavior is the same as it would have been without cameras. But just this is the reason why they are watched by so many people: because people love scandals and rumors and talking about other people, even if they are fake.It’s impossible to deny it, they are not programs of a high cultural level but each of us can’t stop watching them.

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Rita Scarpaci


2 D Liceo Medi Barcellona P.G.