Real and virtual… to another world: the metaverse

Apple presented its board of directors with a prototype of the mixed reality headgear last week, which is now in the pre-launch phase. Bloomberg said that the gadget is not yet ready for commercialization or a presentation at the Wwdc 2022 developer conference, which begins on June 6. The revelation, on the other hand, is likely confirmation of Apple’s completion of work on its first viewer, with which the corporation would enter the metaverse scenario following Meta’s well-defined ambitions. It’s not the first time the American behemoth has shown off innovations to its board of directors that would be available to customers only later. The Board of Directors had foreshadowed the potential of Siri, the intelligent assistant that debuted on the iPhone just in October of that year. According to Bloomberg, Apple has accelerated the development of Reality OS, or ROS, the operating system that would run the software onboard the virtual and augmented reality headset, which the company plans to formalize only at the end of 2023, likely close to the autumn presentation event of the iPhone 15. Previous research found “traces” of ROS in the initial beta versions of iOS 13, the iPhone operating system introduced on June 3, 2019, at the Worldwide Developers Conference. Apple’s board members have had the opportunity to try out numerous prototype headsets as early as 2016, according to The Information website. According to the study, it was all about extremely immature gadgets created just to secure money for the eventual project.

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Daniele Giordano