Rocco Chinnici: a hero of our time

Rocco Chinnici was born in Misilmeri (province of Palermo), on January 19, 1925, he was an Italian magistrate, known for having created the anti-mafia pool that annoyed the mafia organization. Rocco Chinnici graduated from the classical high school of Palermo in 1943, after which he graduated in Law in 1947; to pay for his studies during the university period, he worked in the registry office of Misilmeri, where he met his future wife Agata Passalacqua. Chinnici became a magistrate in 1952, in 1970 he was assigned to him the case of the Viale Lazio massacre in which some names associated with the mafia appeared. In 1975, after having reached the rank of the appellate magistrate, he became adjunct investigating councilor, later also became a cassation magistrate and instructor advisor. Weapon of the carabinieri Emanuele Basile and of the prosecutor Gaetano Costa who was also a close friend of his with whom he shared all the mafia investigations made of which he was already working, they led him to create the anti-mafia pool (a group of magistrates who met privately to share the investigations made on the mafia) Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino were also part of this pool, thanks to this pool they began to glimpse results, but perhaps he arrived on July 29, 1983, which with a green fiat stuffed with explosives from the mafia criminal association prevented him from continuing to live. I conclude this article by saying that Chinnici also agrees with all the investigations on the political crimes of Piersanti Mattarella the prefect of Palermo Dalla Chiesa etc… He also said some very nice phrases that talk about how important it is for young people to understand what the mafia is and how to defeat it…

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