If, like me, you are looking for a wonder of nature, I recommend you read this article!

In Hawaii to see the rainbow it is not necessary to look at the sky, but in front of our nose. In fact, in the rainforest of the island of Maui, the rainbow eucalyptus grows, which is the most colorful tree in the world. Its scientific name is ‘Eucalyptus deglupta’, a tropical tree native to the rainforests of Southeast Asia. This eucalyptus, besides being famous for its bright shades, reaches considerable dimensions, with a height that exceeds 60 meters and a diameter at the base that reaches 2 meters.

Its characteristic color is due to the process of exfoliation of the trunk: as the tree grows, its bark peels off in vertical stripes, revealing a new layer of bright colors underneath. They range from bright green to brown, with shades of blue and purple, red and orange, yellow and grey.

What seems only possible to see on paintings, nature gives it to us with all its authenticity and wonder. Over the years, the trunk, just like a painter’s palette, is enriched with ever new shades. The foliage is also transformed, with the leaves that go from light green to grey and mix with the white of the small fragrant flowers that bloom once a year, at different times depending on the region.

This eucalyptus is truly a rare and breathtaking beauty of nature!

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