What do you know about “radiantism”? Do you know that it was born in the early 1900s? The first person to use radio was Marconi and the first amateur radio station dates back to 1907. Today radiantism means studies, passion and severe application and self-construction.

But do you know what they do? They use their radio to transmit and transmitions take place to certain  frequencies and they can use digital technology to establish connections.

The service of a radio amateur is regulated by various international and national laws. The activity of a radio amateur consists in the Exchange in plain language or with the use of internationally accepted codes with other authorized amateurs, of messages of technical nature, concerning radioelectric experiments. The official document of a radio amateur is the Band Plan, established during the WARC conference (World Administrative Radio Communications). As far as the frequencies is concerned, the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) has divided the world into three areas called regions:

  1. Region 1 includes allo f Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asiatic Russia and Siberia;
  2. Region 2 includes Greeland, North America and South America;
  3. Region 3 includes India, China, Japan, Indonesis, the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand and Oceania

Today the radio amateurs have an important social role. Every day they save lives and there is no activity in which their help is not required. They support the authorities in case of emergency and collaborate with the civil protection department in any case at protecting the integrity of people. Not less importanti s their activity of assistance to people particularly during local events. Unfortunately, their activity is not always recognised but it’s important to make peole know that their presence in our societies is greatly important.

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