It is often thought that discrimination and racism are outdated phenomena, unfortunately this is not the case! Unfortunately, this is not the case. We can easily find them in classrooms and schoolyards, that is why I believe that schools should be a privileged place to promote the rediscovery of the value of education to human rights and the value of diversity as an element that enriches us all.

In order to promote respect and harmonious coexistence we must, first of all, understand that diversity is the strength of humanity and what allows cultures to enriche each other. The racist does not understand this because he does not know that skin, whatever its colour, race or religion, simply tells different stories.

But what macis is? It is that evil being that doesn’t let you see the beauty of diversity, doesn’t let you hear the sound of different cultures, the scents of distant lands and doesn’t let you admire the splendour of the world in all its colours. And the mood of some strange being who thinks he feels better, superior to his fellow man.

To those who are racist I ask: Have you ever tried to look into the eyes of someone different from you? You will never see a reflection of either black or white, you will only see a fellow human being who with those same eyes has rejoiced, when he was happy and showed pain whenever he encountered your offences. Those eyes have often looked up to the sky and whispered, in the chaotic silence of the world, “WE ARE STORIES MADE OF MEN LIVING UNDER THE SAME STARRY SKY”.

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Butto’ Noemi


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