Racism is a discrimination of individuals and categories. A person cannot be born a racist, but he can become one depending on the education he is given and the ideas that are put into his head. In the United States, in the 19th century, blacks were marginalized, they couldn’t go to school with whites, they couldn’t get on the same buses, they couldn’t even walk on the same sidewalk and just because the white race was thought to be the best and shouldn’t have been spoiled. The abolition of slavery granted the black population civil rights, but did not put an end to their suffering. The ex-slaves were destined to the humblest jobs and a real racial segregation was put in place against them with the prohibition to frequent all places reserved for whites. In today’s society, facts of intolerance still occur, and are reported on the news and sometimes we ourselves witness them closely  .

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Ginevra Tomaselli



Why visit Mdina

Mdina (also know as “Old City”) is a fortified city that served as the capital of Malta from antiquity to the medieval period. Since 1530

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BAFTA Awards 2024

Oppenheimer, Poor Things and The Zone Of Interest were all big winners at the 2024 BAFTAs.  Cillian Murphy, who stars as “father of the atomic

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