Racism is a form of hatred towards those who are different, dictated by the mistaken belief that there is a superiority of one “race” over another. Racism has always existed, since ancient times, for political, religious, cultural, social reasons; then, the concept of a real inferiority of some races compared to others spread and thus the racist ideology was formed. It started from the belief that the difference in skin color meant intellectual inferiority, so for example Hitler exterminated the Jews considering them inferior; Jews were persecuted and hated; killed in concentration camps during World War II. Today differences are made for religious, cultural and skin color reasons. We were born free and equal and we all have the same dignity. However, racism is certainly still a major problem in society. We are afraid of those with dark skin, often if there is something wrong, we blame the immigrants, if there is a theft it is the fault of the immigrants, if there is a murder it is the fault of the immigrants. When they are guilty it is right that they are punished, but when the fault is not theirs they cannot be condemned for prejudice and without proof. The fears we have and the discrimination we do often have no reason to exist because, as there are “good” and “bad” Italians, the same is for immigrants or for those who have a different skin color than ours. We are afraid of them and often do not trust them, because they have different habits, however, by doing so we behave like racists, not thinking that men, black or white that we are, are the same. Instead of isolating foreigners, we should try to bring them closer and help them build a better future in our country; we should reflect on the fact that, if they leave their country, they do it out of desperation and are often forced to accept the most humble jobs, to live in disadvantaged and even inhuman conditions and as if that were not enough, many of them remain unemployed and for this reason , in desperation and despair, they perform extreme gestures, commit thefts and murders that certainly do not improve their situation.

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Tomaselli Ginevra, Di Marco Maria Elisa



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