Many people are still racist today. Racism is not fair because we are all equal.There are people who don’t understand it, like the policeman in America, who beated a black boy to death. It is not the colour of the skin that makes a better person but everyone must understand that WE ARE ALL THE SAME!

Racism and ignorance are at the same level, unfortunately, this bad attitude is difficult to eradicate.

In effect it is no rare to see, while surfing the internet, news about racist cases. That is the case of a boy with down syndrome who was victim of offensive phrases about him. Another case happened in Riccione, in Italy. The volunteers of an association called”The centro 21″accompanied a group of children with the down sydrome to the cinema, a man approached them and asked the educator if they were”mongolians”or “mongolias”,these words were said using a contemptuous tone.

No way! They don’t deserve to be treated that way. As you can note, racism may have different faces These sad episodes make us understand that racism is not good for humans ,it is only a very negative behaviour of the human genre. People cannot be judged from the colour of skin or the chromosomal diversity ,On the contrary, It is the”diversity” that makes people unique and special.

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Giada Verrillo


1 B Docente Agata Catania

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