Putin’s threats

The economic crisis imposes a compact response from Europe. ”We must react with great coldness to Putin’s threats”, said the Minister of Labour Orlando.

Putin has threatened Italy and the minister Guerini of “irreversible consequences”. “We must react “with great coldness” to the “clumsy” threats from Russia”, said the Italian Minister of Laobour Andrea Orlando.

The main problem is that Russia is the world’s largest exporter of gas in the European Union. As Italy is concerned, the “irreversible consequences” may be the closure of the gas pipelines, because the dependence of Italy from Russia’s hydrocarbons exceeds the 40/45%.

Italy is now trying to differentiate its sources of supply as soon as possible and the Italian Miinister of Foreign Affair, Luigi Di Maio, has been travelling in Mozambique, Qatar, Congo, Algeria and Angola in order to find other partners.

“In two months we will be able to halve Italy’s dependence on Russian gas and in winter we will be able to do even better. We will no longer be dependent on Russia”, Di Maio said.

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Gianluca Vanella



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