Did you ever wonder how Putin managed to acquire so much power? Everyone in this period is wondering how Putin, the man who is scaring the west, has acquired so much power. Putin was born in a working-class family in Leningrad in 1952. Since he was a child he wanted to become a spy and join the KGB, so he studied law at the university of Leningrad. Putin served 15 years as a foreign intelligence officer for the KGB, including six years in Dresden, East Germany. It was during this period of service in which he experienced what some experts have concluded to be a defining moment in his life. By 1991, Putin had officially resigned from the KGB’s active reserve. So he went back to Leningrad, where he worked for the first democratic mayor, Anatoly Sobchak. This period was very important for the political attitude of Putin , in fact he learned his political technique from Sobchak, that was known for being authoritarian.

Putin, lo zar pazzo: "Nella sua mente una realtà parallela"- Corriere.it

In 1996 Putin and his family moved to Moscow. In Moscow he quickly became the leader of the FSB. Then in August 1999, the president of Russia, Boris Yeltsin, named Putin prime minister. But suddenly Yeltsinstepped back and named Putin acting president. Putin that same year, in March won theelection. He became president in a very difficult time for Russia, in fact he had to face two main problems. The first was the war with Chechnya. The second problem were, the Yeltsinera oligarchs, that wanted to ensure they’re power. Putin Knew that they could be more powerful than him, so he made an agreement with them. This deal consists in that: Putin wouldn’t interfere with their business if they stay out of politics. Putin dealt with the war in Chechnya, in a very strong way, in fact when a Moscow theater was occupied by 40 Chechen militants, who were led by the Movsar Barayev. During the three-day occupation, 129 of the 912 hostages died. Putin acted in a very ruthless way and he refused any negotiation with the hostage-takers, this way of act made him very popular among the population. In 2004 he was reelected for the second time, he continued on his policy on focusing on the domestic affair, particularly he paid his attention on the control of media. In 2008 Dmitry Medvedev was elected president, and Putin was named prime minister. Then in 2012 he was reelected president for the third time, this election was very criticized , it was said that there was electoral fraud. In March 2014 Putin annexed Crimea. And in march 2 Russia took control of Crimea. In this time Putin started to trade with China because of the sanctions of the west. From this moment the relation with the west deteriorated. Putin on the 24th of February has shocked the world with the invasion of Ukraine. He started a war that isn’t finished today, a war that could lead to a world war. In fact all the western powerful nations are against the crime that was committed by the Russian’s army on the civil population of Ukraine.

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