Putin-Draghi phone call: here’s what the czar said

Second phone call between Putin and Draghi since the start of the war in Ukraine.
Opposition to sanctions, accusations against Kiev on responsibility for the food crisis, reassurances on gas supplies: these were the highlights of Vladimir Putin’s speech to Mario Draghi during their conversation held a few hours ago. A conversation, however, where, as admitted by the Italian chief executive, “no glimmer of peace” emerged.

The two spoke by phone after nearly two months. And no openings to a stage of dialogue seem to have come from the Russian president. Reassurances included a willingness to supply Italy with gas but, at the same time, on concerns about the food crisis, Putin pointed the finger at Western sanctions and the actions of the government in Kiev.Italy was among the European countries to immediately accept the path of new sanctions packages against Russia. Diplomatic tones have well emphasized, on the one hand, Italy’s unwillingness to have a softer stance toward Moscow, and on the other hand, Russian irritation over a Rome line considered by the Kremlin to be too anchored to that of NATO allies.

In recent days, however, some things have changed. Eni in mid-May opened two accounts on Gazprombank, an institution not reached by the sanctions, one of them in Rubles. Thus gas arrived in our country subject to payment in the Russian currency. A choice not made, for example, by some European countries, such as Poland and Finland above all. From a strictly political point of view, a peace proposal also started from Rome.

Although in recent days the Russian Foreign Ministry said it had not seen it and had not received it at least through official channels, in any case the move by the Farnesina served to give Moscow a way to verify an Italian involvement in the affair.

By Agugliaro-Oliva IVE liceo classico

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