What is the web? The web is a subnet of Internet which brings together the sites. In it we find a hypertextual navigation system viewable by means of software programs (called browser).

Although it is a brilliant idea it has both pros and cons. There are many cons of the web, but also many pros.

The main pros are many:

The fact that internet makes everything much easier, for example you don’t have to leave the house and go to the library to look for the meaning of a word, just take a mobile phone, a computer or a tablet to do it.

Internet is available 24 hours a day, for example if you have to do some homework in a foreign language in the evening and you don’t know some words, it doesn’t matter to wait for the library to open the next day, but just translate the word on the web.

Besides Internet is also very useful for those who are very curious, who are dying to know a certain thing, but in that case, they should go to the library or look for it in the dictionary. With the Internet, instead,  you have the answer in a second.

Furthermore, it is also very useful for contacting people who are far away, who live in other states or continents. It allows you to write messages to your friends even without waiting weeks or months as it happens with letters.

Another positive fact about Internet is that it can be useful above all for that people who instead of going to distant shops or looking for items (that they cannot find or that are finished) use Internet to order them then they arrive at home 1 or 2 days later (sometimes even before).

 A final reason why the web  is widely used is that it allows you to get information and know everything about the facts that happen in the world, an example is the news.

Unfortunately, the web isn’t always safe for everyone, for example we can find inappropriate content for children who are vulnerable and exposed. Many people even, not realizing it, spend a lot of time on the web which can also be a distraction like forgetting to do things that have stopped or making your eyesight worse. People can find illegal activities and the hackers can have easily access to information with many open social networks and people can take an Internet addiction like gambling or abuse of e-commerce sites.

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My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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