Junk food originated in the United States and spread mainly in Western countries, that is, where consumerism was strongest.

The reasons for this spread are due to the development of large catering chains such as McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, etc. which exploit modern intensive farming and farming techniques to obtain ever greater quantities of low-cost meats and vegetables.

This is why junk food is not so expensive.

The low price, together with the fats and sugars that characterise it making it pleasant to the taste. It means that junk food is increasingly widespread, especially among the youngest, who are also influenced by a lot of advertising.

In Italy, an estimated 2 million children and adolescents are obese or overweight, equal to 25.2% of the population between 3 and 17 years. This is all the more alarming in view of the fact that fewer fruit and vegetables are consumed by children and adolescents in particular, with amounts that are even below half the daily requirement, thus increasing the risks associated with obesity and related diseases. According to the latest studies, Italian children are undergoing a boom in advertising information about unhealthy snacks.

It’s hard to believe, but even foods passed off as healthy, can lurk in the dangerous category of thickener: breakfast cereals, for example, are rich in thickeners, palm oil or glucose syrup. Then again, fruit juices or fruit yogurt, which actually have a very small percentage of fruit, or breaded and frozen foods such as fish sticks, spinach cutlets and the chicken nuggets that all children love to eat.

Clearly, there are both advantages and disadvantages of junk food to know about. If there weren’t any positive aspects, then nobody would eat it.

The advantages of junk food are a lot.

Firstly, junk food is very quick and easy, it is also convenient. So when people are in a hurry, they can buy junk food everywhere, and they don’t need to cook.

Naturally, we can admit that junk food is everywhere, in every city, in the street and in the square, there is always a junk food restaurant next to you.

Thirdly it’s very cheap, while healthy food is more expensive. Buying organic produce and preparing well-rounded nutritious meals sounds ideal. But it costs more than junk food.

Furthermore, junk food has also a lot of disadvantages.

Not surprisingly, it is unhealthy. Junk food has masses of fat, salt, and sugar – not to mention additives – and a lot of other questionable ingredients. Your physical health suffers when junk food is eaten in excess.

Unfortunately, junk food contributes to the weight gain, because it is intensely calorific. Eating a lot of it you’ll gain weight with greater ease than consuming healthier foodstuffs. Obesity is not a joke, but being overweight in general isn’t great. Aside from the impact on self-esteem, it also has damaging effects on all aspects of our health.

In conclusion, junk food does not necessarily have to be completely eliminated from the diet, but we must regulate the quantities of it.

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