Prom and Homecoming, the most anticipated parties by American teenagers!

Prom is an American party that takes place at the end of the school year.

Prom means “ gala ball ” so elegant attire is required, for boys smoking and for girls evening dress.

Usually the boy gives the girl the corsage which is a floral bracelet that must be combined with the flower on the boy’s jacket.                                   

The prom usually takes place on a Saturday in May.

On Fridays there is the prom reception which is a dinner served by the first and second year students who are part of the organizing group.                                                 

Usually the prom is organized for juniors (third year students) and seniors (last year students).

First and second year students can only participate if invited by a junior or senior or if they are part of the organizing group.

During the party they are elected king and queen of the prom and after that it is passed to the after prom party.

The after prom is a small party organized either by the school or by parents or students.

If it is organized by the school, the place is set up as a fake casino where prizes that students try to win are up for grabs and alcohol is not allowed.

If it is organized by students, on the other hand, it is thought that it is the opposite.  

Another party similar to prom is homecoming which takes place towards the end of October to celebrate the start of the school year.

The week preceding homecomimg is called ” spirit week ”.

Every day this week students dress up in masks with different themes.

As for the prom, the boys wear a tuxedo while the girls usually wear a short dress.

Homecoming ends quite busy as students organize after party at home.    

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