Among the legends regarding the origin of the island and the people, there is the one about “Princess Sicily”.

The story focuses on a maiden, called Sicily, who was born in an Eastern country on the Mediterranean Sea from a rich family in Lebanon, where an oracle had told her parents that if she wanted to live beyond her fifteenth year, she would have to leave her land on a boat, otherwise, she would be eaten by a terrible monster called “Greco-Levante”, whose name coincides with a wind. This symbolizes the Byzantine empire because they were considered monsters by the first inhabitants of the island, because they had invaded Sicily. When she was fifteen, the young girl called Sicily abandoned her country and her parents. During the trip, which lasted three months, she ran out of food and water.

Having given up hope, she cried until she had no tears left, but then she met a young man who consoled her by explaining that they would be the first inhabitants of a new island which would be named “Sicily” after her name.

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Amani Abroud, Alessia Albergamo, Carla Cappello, Elena Caruso, Simone Ciciulla, Annalisa Guastella, Enrica Mattei, Marika Sivillica, Ottavia Tomasello, Claudia Tumino, Daniel Vitale


IV AL Liceo Linguistico “G.B. Vico” Ragusa


My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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