The Sanremo Music Festival 2022 is the 72nd edition of the annual Sanremo Music Festival, a television song contest held in the Teatro Ariston of Sanremo, organised and broadcast by RAI. The show started on 1st and finishes on 5th February 2022. He is presented for the third time by Amadeus, who also is the artistic director for the competition. On my opinion a Sicilian Sanremo festival started two days ago. On the stage of the Ariston the public goes back to delirium for Rosario Fiorello, Sicilian doc, and for the super guests of the evening, the Maneskin. There is a lot of our beautiful Sicily in the most famous singing festival in the world that is talked about in all the media around the globe. From Amadeus, who has origins in Palermo, to Fiorello, from Catania, to Nino Frassica, from Messina, the first episode offered a rich dish in Sicilian sauce that certainly amused and passionated viewers until late at night. In addition to the conductor Amadeus, the showman Fiorello and the actor Frassica, however, there are other Sicilians at the Italian Song Festival. They are the singers. In fact, the talented Giusy Ferreri, born in Palermo, is competing. In Sanremo she brings the song “Honey”. A piece of Sicily also in the duo The Representative of Lista composed by Veronica Lucchesi and Dario Mangiaracina. She is from Viareggio and he is from Palermo. The group presents the piece “Ciao Ciao” which has already received excellent feedback. They return to the Sanremo Festival for the second year in a row. Sicilians also some guests of Casa Sanremo to introduce the typical cuisine of our island; between excellent pizzas and delicious ice creams. There will also be the flavors of Sicily at the 72nd edition of the Sanremo Festival which will start this evening. Giuseppe Arena from Messina, in fact, for the second consecutive year, will be the official pastry chef of “Casa Sanremo”

 Let’s go on…Sicily is the secret of the success of Sanremo.

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