Price increase

According to the latest news published on the ANSA page, one of the fundamental aspects of marketing that struck me a lot was shown: Shrinkflation. This is a particular technique which consists in the reduction, by the companies, of the quantity of product in the packages, keeping the prices substantially unchanged. This phenomenon is occurring above all in hygiene and food products. Today, more than ever, this continuous increase in prices is manifesting itself in the sending, but substantially the matter remains the same. In a period like the one we are experiencing now, the population cannot afford to buy products at too high prices. Before the pandemic and now the war, companies need to earn what they have lost in recent years and in all this the population suffers since not everyone can find a stable job and earning what little to live is becoming difficult especially if now we note this increase in prices which leads the company to an impoverishment. Giovanni Calabrò, in a hearing with the Commission of Inquiry on the protection of consumers and users, is monitoring this phenomenon and has also ensured that the Authority is aware of everything, but no intervention by it is noticed and this it helps companies to increase costs even more and the population will not be able to find a way out. The situation could always worsen and those who will suffer will be the citizens forced, in order to live, to go out large sums of money. Companies are not required to totally decrease the price, but to compensate the cost of the products with quality and quantity above all. For the citizen, the price takes a back seat if the product is enough and if it is excellent.

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Di Felice Serena