Press Review – Ukraine, peace initiatives multiply, including conferences and flashmobs especially in schools

The number of initiatives asking the government to make an extra effort to promote peace in Ukraine is increasing. Schools, in particular, continue to mobilise, both in terms of welcoming refugees and protesting against the war.

After the peace initiative “L’Italia ripudia la guerra” (Italy Repudiates War), organised by Tecnica della Scuola with the special participation of Education Minister Patrizio Bianchi, who a few days before the start of the conflict in Ukraine urged schools to reflect on Article 11 of our Constitution, other organisations are now moving in the same direction, to promote peace events.

In this regard we would like to point out two initiatives:

  • The conference “Educating for peace in order to repudiate war”, organised by Ucim, the Italian Catholic Union of Teachers, Managers, Educators and Trainers, scheduled for Monday 4 April from 3pm.
  • “Peace always”, a flash mob called by the National Secretariat of the MCE in Piacenza, the Movement for Educational Cooperation, to urge schools to add to the precious work done every day in the classroom, a collective moment that gives a choral sense to the reflections of children and young people.

We propose that on Monday 4 April at 11 a.m. in each school, there will be a suitable space (courtyard, garden, gymnasium) where the boys and girls can share a flash mob performance, making a picture of themselves with the word PEACE drawn on the floor. We chose 4 April because it is the international day that the UN dedicates to the fight against landmines.

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