Press Review: The women leaders of tomorrow

Although women have made huge strides in the fields of science and technology in recent years, we still see striking inequalities today.

In many countries, in the technology and digital sphere, women CEOs are still an exception. This, despite the fact that many women are leaving school and university with the best qualifications. It is an imbalance that a special initiative is trying to change.

In Nice, the Winter School of Female Leadership in the Digital Age – organised by the Chinese tech company Huawei – aims to empower some of Europe’s most talented young women.

27 women, aged between 19 and 24, were selected, each representing an EU country.

The participants, tested for a whole week, must show a strong interest in technology and innovation. Coding, public speaking, cognitive science and machine learning are just some of the topics covered.

At the end of this week there will be an award ceremony for each participant.

“At Huawei we are fully committed to bring all these opportunities to women all across Europe to not only join the tech sector but to also shape the future of technology,” said Berta Herrero Estalayo, the Director of Schools for Female Leadership in the Digital Age.

“I’m sure a lot of women we’ve met today will be in the spotlight as future leaders, as future CEOs, as the changemakers of the EU,” Celia Liu, a participant from the Netherlands stated.

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