Press Review: Sicily, students decide to turn off radiators in solidarity with Ukrainian people

The initiative of a high school in Nicosia, in the province of Enna, is already gathering support, the invitation is addressed to all schools in Italy.

In the cold, as Ukrainian citizens who are suffering from the Russian invasion are forced to live every day. Next Friday, girls and boys from a Sicilian high school, ‘Fratelli Testa’ in Nicosia in the province of Enna, will protest by switching off the institute’s boilers, and invite schools all over Italy to do the same.

“We wanted to express our dissent for the war, we had thought of a demonstration but it seemed to be an end in itself. Looking for an alternative, we came up with the ‘reverse strike’: students often go on strike because the radiators don’t work, although this is not the case in our school, but we want to turn off the boilers to close the gas taps to Russia: we know that Italy relies 40% on Russian gas. This for us is a concrete signal of solidarity with the Ukrainian people”. This was explained to by student representative Alfio Calabrese. A local association, the Movement for the Defence of Territories, is also supporting the initiative.

The date chosen is next Friday, 11 March: ‘We hope that as many schools as possible can participate, but also citizens, associations and local authorities. We have heard that the municipality of Nicosia itself is thinking about it,’ adds Alfio.

Source: “” – March 11, 2022

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