Press Review – Fedez’s first words after resigning

“Thank you’, was the first word Federico Lucia, known as Fedez, chose to write in his first social post, following his discharge from the San Raffaele hospital where he had been admitted since 21 March to have an endocrine tumour of the pancreas removed, discovered almost by accident at the beginning of the same month.

The first thing he did on his way home was to hug his children, Leone and Vittoria and then go on to thank everyone.

On his Instagram page, Fedez posted pictures taken with the doctors and medical staff who looked after him over the last few days, expressing his deepest and most heartfelt thanks to them. These are the words written by the rapper: “To you who literally saved my life, who accompanied me and took care of me during these days, which were not easy but on the other hand gave me a new perspective from which to face life. Thank you to Prof. Falconi and all his incredible staff. Thank you to all the nurses in the ward”. The artist then addressed a message to his fans and to all those who, even if only with their thoughts, have supported him: “Thank you for the great humanity and support you have given me. Love is the most powerful medicine. I go back home, I go back to living”.

We can only wish Fedez a peaceful period of convalescence and rest in the company of his beloved children, Vittoria and Leone, who have also sent sweet video messages to their distant father in recent days.

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